Vision and values

Our vision

At Streethay Primary School, we are committed to improving the life chances of all our pupils, whatever their ability or background, and to help them achieve their full potential and prepare for life beyond school. We believe that every young person can achieve great things and encourage excellence by all and for all – with no exceptions.

At Streethay, we will offer personalised learning in a nurturing and caring environment so that our young people can flourish. Our highly qualified staff will monitor each individual’s progress, celebrate their strengths, provide support, and challenge them to achieve the next steps in their learning. No one will be left behind. We will be ambitious for all, providing equal opportunities for all children and their parents.

Our ethos, curriculum and staff will also support our pupils’ social and emotional development, encouraging them to become resilient, caring and confident individuals, with a good work ethic, a passion for learning, and the ability to understand and interact well with others.

While we believe that school should be a happy place, where learning is fun, we also know pupils learn best when they know what the rules are. We expect our pupils to adopt a high standard of behaviour, and we will work with them and their parents/carers to achieve this. We will also keep parents/carers informed about their children’s progress through regular meetings, a parent’s forum and this website so that they can support their children’s learning, positive behaviour and personal development at home.

Our values

At Streethay, we value:

People – we will put our pupils at the heart of everything we do to ensure they can realise their full potential. We will provide learning that is tailored to each child in a supportive and safe school setting where they can learn, grow and succeed.

Integrity – we will actively embrace equality and diversity, and create an honest, inclusive and respectful school culture that offers the same opportunities for all.

Innovation – we will be a creative, forward-thinking school that finds new ways of doing things, breaks down barriers to learning and engages pupils with lessons that are fun, challenging and stimulating.

Excellence – we will help every pupil on their journey towards being the best they can be, and support our leaders, teachers and staff to provide first-class learning and positive outcomes.

Accountability  we will be accountable to our pupils and our stakeholders, carrying out our roles to the best of our ability and in line with our values.