Our Curriculum

At Streethay Primary School, we will ensure our pupils have access to an engaging and innovative curriculum that equips them with the skills they need to be successful now, in secondary school and in the world of work or further education.

We are passionate about encouraging our children to develop an enquiring mind through a varied curriculum that meets their individual needs and celebrates British values as well as the diverse cultures and faiths of our multicultural society.

Streethay has based its curriculum on that of the highly successful Seabridge Primary School a highly successful and well regarded school, a member of the SET family where performance in reading, writing and maths is well above the national and regional average.

At Key Stage 1 and 2, we will teach the following subjects:

Core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science

Foundation subjects: Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, French (Key Stage 2 only), Geography, History, Music, Physical Education and Our World (Religious Education/Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education). 

A high percentage of teaching time will be devoted to English, mathematics and science, as discrete and cross-curricular subjects. This focus will ensure children are fully competent in these basic skills so they can participate in a wider range of subjects.

Good study habits and attitudes to learning, plus resilience and homework, will form an essential part of the school’s curriculum. Children will also be given opportunities to get involved with and contribute to the local community, by doing good for others, as well as being good citizens themselves.

As the Shaw Education Trust has a teacher training and research school, this places Streethay at the forefront of new teaching approaches that truly work and gives it the ability to secure highly qualified teachers.


As well as achieving academically and developing personal and social skills, it’s vital that our pupils are well-prepared for life beyond school.

Streethay will provide the pupils with a varied programme of enrichment activities including: educational trips; residential visits; forest schools and outdoor learning opportunities; basic life skills including cooking and healthy lifestyle programmes; and media, communication and IT skills with an emphasis on digital literacy and e-safety.

A wide range of age-appropriate clubs – such as sports, drama, jewellery-making, Lego, chess, debating, gardening, choir, cookery and art – will be offered after school, as well as at lunchtimes. All these activities will enable pupils to develop their interpersonal skills and love of learning.

Extended provision

We understand the demands parents face when juggling home, school and working life. Here at Streethay we strive to be parent-friendly, working closely with parents/carers to to help reduce these demands.

We offer an extended day for working parents from 7.30am until 6pm, while keeping childcare costs to a minimum.

Breakfast care allows parents to drop children off early to have a healthy, nourishing breakfast and after-school care can be accessed to allow pupils to play, read, relax and enjoy healthy snacks while on the school setting.

Holiday play schemes will also be available if requested by parents and will include visits within the local community, for example, to the park or library, as well as trips further afield.