Wraparound Care

This part of our website is dedicated to our Wraparound Care provision.

Wraparound provision is open from 7:30-8:45am and 3:00-6:00pm. We also we run holiday clubs to keep your little ones busy all year round! 

Our Wraparound provision is a mixed age provision, meaning younger children get chance to spend time with older children and develop relationships with those not in their class. 

We have a dedicated Wraparound team that passionately plan and prepare the activities to ensure they are meaningful and enjoyable for all. 

Many of the planned activities contribute to the development of important life skills or develop special interests e.g. cooking, healthy eating, craft and P.E. 

Our provision is very busy and therefore we require a commitment to regular sessions is required to reserve a place. Additional sessions can be booked with 2 weeks notice in we have capacity. We try our best to accommodate last minute requests for additional sessions but we cannot guarantee we can meet your requirements. If you wish to cancel or reduce your provision we require 1 months notice and you a liable to pay until this notice has expired. 

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Please use these pages to explore our offer. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions please get in touch.