As a growing school we believe we have a unique opportunity to craft a curriculum based on the needs of the children of today. Built as part of a new estate we serve a fledging community that is filled with aspiration and hope.

From the outset we intend to provide the highest possible educational outcomes and we believe a broad and balanced curriculum is central to this.  As we develop and grow within a challenging national context, we will constantly review our plans and ensure our offer is well matched to our community.

Curriculum Vision Statement

Our curriculum intent is linked closely to our school vision to Nurture, Inspire and Prepare our children. This is how we intend to apply our vision to our curriculum: 


Just like seeds and plants we believe every child needs a bespoke dose of nurture to grow and become the best that they can be.

One Size Fits One

We believe ‘one size fits one’ meaning that we go over and above to appropriately scaffold our children for success in life and future independence. We structure our curriculum to support recall of knowledge and use evidenced based strategies to address observed gaps in learning, e.g. pre/post tutoring. 

The Whole-Brain Child

Our approach pays attention to the development of the whole child and aims to help children develop emotional understanding, a positive self-identity and the resilience to cope with the world. We celebrate opportunities to embed emotional understanding across our curriculum.

Stronger Together

We respond, participate and co-operate with our wider school community. We look for opportunities to connect our children with their locality and use it as a source of exploration and investigation. In order to achieve the best outcomes for our children we maximise opportunities to engage with our parents. This includes the showcasing of exceptional work and routine communications such as newsletters, parents’ evening and workshops.


We strive to provide an enriched curriculum that engages children in memorable experiences. Where appropriate we aim to connect curriculum areas holistically ensuring learning contexts are authentic, meaningful and provide opportunities for application of skills, investigation and purposeful play.

Moments of Inspiration

We plan for moments of inspiration; whether through a text, a school trip or a lesson starter we pay close attention to pupil interests and utlise these fully. We aim to involve children in decisions about their learning as we believe it increases engagement by igniting curiosity and makes them more likely to articulate their learning process.  


We know our children well and we work hard to broaden and compliment the life experiences they come with. We entice learners with a rich offer of literature, art, music, drama, crafts and cultural events. Across our curriculum we sprinkle educational trips, visitors and experiences to engage, extend and inspire our children.


The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. We believe that success is not always measured by academic outcomes. Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to develop subject based knowledge but also life to promote independence, life skills, well-being and physical health. We have a duty to provide learners with the knowledge, tools and confidence to succeed in life.  

Characteristics for Success

Our expectations of learners and learning behaviours are high. We acknowledge the importance of developing and fostering character traits that lead to success later in life. Therefore, we have consulted our community to establish six priority traits that become the focus of explicit teaching and embedded implicitly in what we do. These are; Resilience, Curiosity, Optimism, Craftmanship, Empathy and Eloquence.

The Challenge Pit

We use reasoning and problem-solving opportunities across the curriculum to engage learners in deeper thinking and learning. Challenge across the curriculum supports the assimilation of new knowledge through the application of skills. Through our approach we look to develop problem solving resilience that can be applied to life as well as academic contexts.

Digital Technology

We use technology to purposefully improve teaching and provide opportunities for support, challenge and consolidate learning. Cross curricular links to technology are utilised to support digital literacy and awareness of online safety.

Social Capital

We intend for our learners to be world aware. We want them to have knowledge and understanding of the social issues we face wider than the locality of Lichfield. Through application of British Values and our own organisation values we aim to support children to grow into well rounded individuals ready to contribute to society in the next phase of education. We celebrate our diversity, learn from one another and look for opportunities to encourage our children to make a difference.