We believe Wraparound Care Provision provides an additional opportunity for our children to connect with learning and therefore, for us to make a difference. However, we also appreciate that children need time to relax and follow special interests at their own pace. In order to foster positive mental health we feel it is vital that we teach and provide opportunities for children to follow their own special interests. Therefore, we try to ensure that children have a choice of activities and allow them space to decide how to use their time in the session.  

Planned activities for Wraparound Provision are linked to a theme. These themes are based upon topical events, values, curriculum themes or to special interests. Physical activity and access to quality age appropriate texts is integrated into every session. Additionally we include activities that encourage independence, such as cooking and online safety. 

Wraparound staff are expected to plan and link activities to EYFS Development Matters and KS1 National Curriculum as much as possible. Staff have access and are trained on how to use Tapestry (and KS1 assessment systems) so they can see where children are at and make observational assessments where appropriate.

Please see below an example of our planned activities for Before and After School provision.