Image of French Descriptions in Team Starlings
17 May 2024

French Descriptions in Team Starlings

In French, we have been enjoying learning how to describe physical features, including hair colour and eye colour. We have also learnt how to change descriptions based on whether a noun is 'masculine' or 'feminine' and have been applying these rules when describing both fictional characters and…

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Image of Salut! French in Team Starlings
15 March 2024

Salut! French in Team Starlings

Who needs to go to France when you can pretend to be in a French restaurant right here in Team Starlings? We have had so much fun pretending to be waiting staff and visitors at a French restaurant this week, using our new vocabulary to order food and drinks. Next week, we will be moving onto…

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9 February 2024

Comptons! (Let's count!)

Team Badgers are continuing to become fabulous at French! The children have been practising their numbers and we have used these in games of bingo in class as well as using them in other lessons.


The children were super impressed that when they were given a letter to read (all in French)…

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Image of French in Hedgehogs
26 January 2024

French in Hedgehogs

This week in French we have been naming pencil case objects and recognising if they are masculine or feminine.

The objects:

  • a pencil - un crayon
  • a pencil sharpener - un taille - crayon
  • a pen - un stylo
  • an exercise book - un cahier
  • a ruler - une regle
  • a rubber - une gomme
  • a…
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Image of Couleurs, tailles et formes françaises!
16 January 2024

Couleurs, tailles et formes françaises!

Salut! Team Starlings have been enjoying learning all about colours, sizes, and shapes recently in French lessons. We have been practising our vocabulary in order to describe classroom objects in terms of how big or small they are, their colour, and their shape. Over the next few weeks we will be…

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Image of Quelle couleur est-ce? (Team Badgers)
13 December 2023

Quelle couleur est-ce? (Team Badgers)

Team Badgers are progressing well with their French! They have started to learn the French colours. We have also been using them at other times of the day to practise! Our favourite is, of course, the Streethay colour verte!

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Image of French in Hedgehogs
1 December 2023

French in Hedgehogs


This week we have been continuing to count in French. We can now count up to 20!


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Image of Compter en Français!
21 November 2023

Compter en Français!

Salut! This week in French, Team Starlings have learnt to count all the way up to 31! We have been practising counting shapes, using colours, and even learning French jokes. We are building up towards being able to share our birthdays in French which will be a fantastic addition to the…

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