Image of Lines of Symmetry
21 May 2024

Lines of Symmetry

In maths,  we have been learning about lines of symmetry in shapes. 

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Image of Plant Life Cycles
21 May 2024

Plant Life Cycles


Team Meadow have been learning about the life cycle of a plant. They recreated this life cycle using role play to represent the different stages. 

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Image of Walsall Art Gallery Trip
16 April 2024

Walsall Art Gallery Trip

Team Meadow's visit to Walsall Art Gallery. We had such a lovely day!

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Image of STEM day in Team Meadow
16 April 2024

STEM day in Team Meadow

To celebrate STEM Day, Meadow were given a challenge to plan and create a bird nest! They're mission was to ensure that birds' eggs were to be kept safe and warm in a nest. They worked really hard together as a team to create the shape and then to fill it using the correct materials such as twigs,…

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Image of Badgers do STEM!
12 April 2024

Badgers do STEM!

Badgers have loved their STEM Day! The challenge was to create a marble run, but we didn't want the marble to move quickly - that's too easy! We hoped to slow it down! We discussed what may help slow down the marble on its way and what materials may help. The children planned their designs in…

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Image of Victorian Classroom
6 February 2024

Victorian Classroom

Team Meadow were transfered to a Victorian classroom in History to learn how life at school was different for Victorian children. 

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Image of Measurement in Maths
21 January 2024

Measurement in Maths

We have been looking at length in Maths this term, using both centimetres and metres as our unit of measurement. 

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Image of The 99 names of Allah
21 January 2024

The 99 names of Allah

In RE we have been learning about the 99 names of Allah and the meaning behind some of these. Children were coming up with their own names that they believe represent how powerful Allah is to Muslims. 

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Image of Computing on the move!
12 January 2024

Computing on the move!

In Team Badgers, we have been preparing to bring home our i.Pads so that our computing and all of our learning is really 'on the move'! In our lesson this week, we revised how to stay safe online and set up our accounts on Times Table Rock Stars so that we can practise our maths along with other…

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Image of Reindeer Run in Team Starlings!
15 December 2023

Reindeer Run in Team Starlings!

Run, run, Rudolph! Team Starlings really enjoyed their reindeer run this afternoon, with a fantastic cheerful attitude, encouraging each other and smiling the whole time! As a school, we have raised over a whopping £2,000 for St Giles Hospice- your generosity is incredible! 

In PE this half…

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Image of Quelle couleur est-ce? (Team Badgers)
13 December 2023

Quelle couleur est-ce? (Team Badgers)

Team Badgers are progressing well with their French! They have started to learn the French colours. We have also been using them at other times of the day to practise! Our favourite is, of course, the Streethay colour verte!

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Image of Coding in Team Starlings!
30 November 2023

Coding in Team Starlings!

Team Starlings are becoming expert programmers, using code to make all sorts of amazing creations on 'Scratch.' This week, we have been designing mazes, and programming the 'sprite' ,(in the case, the beetle), to move through the maze without touching the black line. We are looking forward to…

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