Image of Parts of Plants and Their Function
17 April 2024

Parts of Plants and Their Function

This week in our science in Team Badgers, we have been learning about the different parts of a plant and their function.  We learnt about the importance of each part and how it contributes to the healthy growth of the plant. We made posters to show our learning use real life plants!

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Image of Badgers do STEM!
12 April 2024

Badgers do STEM!

Badgers have loved their STEM Day! The challenge was to create a marble run, but we didn't want the marble to move quickly - that's too easy! We hoped to slow it down! We discussed what may help slow down the marble on its way and what materials may help. The children planned their designs in…

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Image of British Science Week 2024 - Time for Science!
11 March 2024

British Science Week 2024 - Time for Science!

In Badgers we have been celebrating British Science Week. We have been asking scientific questions abut shadows. We decided to investigated whether different materials produce the same shadows. We were so surprised to learn that this isn't the case! We were able to make dark, clear shadows using…

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Image of Hetty visits Team Badgers!
1 March 2024

Hetty visits Team Badgers!

Team Badgers had a visit from the Packington Farm Education team today. The children have learned about the animals and how they are used to help us with our food. They have also learned all about arable farming as this links to our geography topic too. We were super lucky as Hetty the chicken…

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9 February 2024

Comptons! (Let's count!)

Team Badgers are continuing to become fabulous at French! The children have been practising their numbers and we have used these in games of bingo in class as well as using them in other lessons.


The children were super impressed that when they were given a letter to read (all in French)…

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Image of Team Badgers become Mary Anning!
9 February 2024

Team Badgers become Mary Anning!

In Team Badgers, our English unit this half-term has been based on the famous palaeontologist, Mary Anning! This was a fiction text but based on the true story of her life. We have practised using a greater range of adverbs for different cause, a wider range of conjunctions and lots of other…

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Image of Learning about Cities in Badgers
2 February 2024

Learning about Cities in Badgers

This week in Geography, we have been learning about the biggest settlement type - cities. We learnt about the different facilities that a city has compared to other settlement types, such as airports and universities. We also learnt that most cities in the UK have a cathedral, but that isn't aways…

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Image of Coding a Micro:bit
24 January 2024

Coding a Micro:bit

Our topic for Design and Technology is 'Wearable Technology'. We are designing a product for children to wear to walk to school when there are darker mornings and nights. We used a website to program the Micro:bit, to light up and flash. We programmed Button A to light up and flash. We then…

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Image of Multiplication Word Problems
24 January 2024

Multiplication Word Problems

This week in Badgers, we have been using what we have learnt in multiplication, to solve problems. We have used the RUCSAC method to ensure we Read, Underline, Choose, Solve, Answer and Check. We find this helpful and tick off each stage on our RUCSAC book mark.

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Image of Fossil Making in Badgers
24 January 2024

Fossil Making in Badgers

As part of our topic of Rocks and Soils, we have been learning about how fossils are formed. To help us to understand this process a little better and to help us remember it, we created our own fossils. Once we had created the fossil in our clay rock and left it for millions of years (or maybe…

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Image of Ukulele in Badgers
18 January 2024

Ukulele in Badgers

This week in our Ukulele lesson, the children have been recapping and practising chord G7. They embedded this learning by playing a song containing this chord. They also worked on moving between different chords a little more quickly. Finally, they practised part singing, by splitting the class in…

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Image of Computing on the move!
12 January 2024

Computing on the move!

In Team Badgers, we have been preparing to bring home our i.Pads so that our computing and all of our learning is really 'on the move'! In our lesson this week, we revised how to stay safe online and set up our accounts on Times Table Rock Stars so that we can practise our maths along with other…

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