Image of Daffodils - Literacy
22 May 2024

Daffodils - Literacy

This half term, Team Daffodils have been working incredibly hard with their name writing. We've been practising our pencil grip, learning the initial sounds in our names and started to have a go at writing our first names! Great job Team Daffodils.

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Image of Name Writing
10 May 2024

Name Writing

The children in Daisies have been practising their name writing and recognisition. Some of the children were able to form the letters independently. 


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Image of Writing in Hedgehogs
5 February 2024

Writing in Hedgehogs

This week during our writing lessons we have been identifying some key features of a journal entry and then we have been planning our own journal entries to retell the story of Our Tower. We have used Showbie to create our plans and we have created a word bank as a class to help us with our…

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Image of Excellent English
11 January 2024

Excellent English

In English this week we have been working really hard on connecting two ideas by including 'and' when looking at our new book 'The Lion Inside'. Look at our amazing writing! 


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Image of Literacy - Daffodils - Name writing
5 December 2023

Literacy - Daffodils - Name writing

This week, we are beginning to learn how to write our names. We are using our name cards to look at the shape of the letters in our names. Then, we are having a go at writing what we think our name looks like in our Christmas cards.


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Image of Daisies Mark-making
30 November 2023

Daisies Mark-making

The children enjoyed practising their literacy skills through mark-making activities. 



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Image of Exceptional English in Team Rabbits
24 November 2023

Exceptional English in Team Rabbits

We have been working really hard in English this week. We have been writing setnences about our book 'Katie in London'. 

We have been focusing on using capital letters for names and places and using the word 'she'.

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Image of Phonics workshop in Team Rabbits
24 November 2023

Phonics workshop in Team Rabbits

We really enjoyed our phonics workshop with our grown-ups! We played phonics bingo, tricky word bingo and phonics snakes and ladders.

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