Image of Daffodils - Gradulation 2024
11 July 2024

Daffodils - Gradulation 2024

This week, Team Daffodils graduated from preschool and are now ready to start Reception. To showcase their skills, Team Daffodils performed their favourite super mover - Superheroes Unite. They did an awesome job of singing and dancing for some tearful parents. 

We are all incredibly proud of…

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Image of Stardome Visit - Hedgehogs
8 July 2024

Stardome Visit - Hedgehogs

This morning, the children in Hedgehogs were transported into space!

We climbed inside the Stardome and were taken on a journey through space. We explored our different neighbouring planets and talked about their atmospheres. We then began to discuss the different ways in which we can search…

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Image of PSHE in Team Starlings
5 July 2024

PSHE in Team Starlings

In PSHE we have been looking at online communities and the rights and responsibilities that we have when using online spaces. We have enjoyed sharing ideas about how we can stay safe online, how we can use the internet to create positive change, and how we can safely and sensibly interact with…

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Image of Geography in Team Starlings
5 July 2024

Geography in Team Starlings

In Geography, we have been learning all about the tourism industry and thinking about what makes someone a 'tourist.' We have been looking at different places that people like to go on holiday, such as the mountains, a seaside, or a city, and what kids of things tourists like to do in these…

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Image of Maths in Team Starlings!
5 July 2024

Maths in Team Starlings!

Team Starlings have been navigating the tricky topic of 'volume' this week, and have taken every challenge in their stride! We have enjoyed making various 3D objects out of cubes, calculating their volume, and giving each other virtual volume challenges! Keep up the super work, Team…

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Image of PE in Team Starlings
5 July 2024

PE in Team Starlings

Summer is here! We have been enjoying practising our throwing and catching skills this week in preparation to play lots of cricket games this half term! We have been discussing the rules, top tips for cricket, and how to show good sportsmanship. 

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Image of RE in Team Starlings
5 July 2024

RE in Team Starlings

In RE we have been learning about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and how Christianity began. We have enjoyed hearing about Jesus' disciples and their reactions to seeing Jesus after Easter Sunday, as well as learning about what Christians mean when they talk about the Holy…

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Image of The Think Tank - Hedgehogs
27 June 2024

The Think Tank - Hedgehogs

Team Hedgehogs had a wonderful time at the Think Tank, exploring all things SCIENCE

The children were able to explore the Science Garden, Wildlife and Marine Worlds, the Spitfire Gallery, All About Me and much more! They ended the day with an amazing chemistry show which was a enjoyed by…

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Image of EAD in Daffodils
26 June 2024

EAD in Daffodils

Team Daffodils have been working on their drawing skills this week. We have watched a drawing tutorial and followed along. We are very proud of our amazing drawing! 

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Image of Sunflowers Maths
20 June 2024

Sunflowers Maths

Sunflowers can describe and compare different capacities.

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Image of Sports Day 2024 - Team Daffodils
20 June 2024

Sports Day 2024 - Team Daffodils

Team Daffodils were absolutely amazing during their first traditional Sports Day. They participated in every race brilliantly, sat patiently waiting for their turn and cheered on their Team together! We are all incredibly proud of each and every one of them! 

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Image of Maths in Hedgehogs
19 June 2024

Maths in Hedgehogs

This week in Hedgehogs every is a Gold Star! 

Everyone was celebrated this week in front of the whole school for showing resilience, positivity and being exceptional in their multiplication checks.

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