Image of STEM in Hedgehogs
12 April 2024

STEM in Hedgehogs

We have had lots of fun making marble runs during our STEM day! We have been competing to make the slowest marble run. We have worked in teams to create some AMAZING marble runs and the children are very proud of themselves. Well done team Hedgehogs, you have…

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Image of PSHE and Art in Hedgehogs
20 March 2024

PSHE and Art in Hedgehogs

In PSHE this week we explored group dynamics. We understood that there are people who take on roles of leaders or followers in a group and when is the appropriate time to take on these roles. We then applied this knowledge of group dynamics in our art lesson where we created prints as a…

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Image of History in Hedgehogs
13 March 2024

History in Hedgehogs

This week we have been learning all about the first emperor of Rome - Augustus. We began by exploring how Octavian (Augustus), Julius Caesar's nephew, defeated Mark Anthony and Cleopatra and how cunning he was as he grew in power.


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Image of Science in Hedgehogs - British Science Week 2024
12 March 2024

Science in Hedgehogs - British Science Week 2024

In Science we have been exploring volume. In particular, this week we have been describing the relationship between vibration strength and volume. We then presented our results using a bar chart. We changed the way we played a musical instrument and measured the volume, in decibels, from the…

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Image of Science in Hedgehogs
26 February 2024

Science in Hedgehogs

In our science lesson we have been exploring how sounds are heard through different mediums. We have also been researching how whales and dolphins communicate underwater. 



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Image of Art in Hedgehogs
20 February 2024

Art in Hedgehogs

This week in our art session we have been exploring how to draw using tone to create a 3D effect. We have been taking the time to choose which sketching pencils to use to create shadows.

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Image of DT in Hedgehogs - Pavilions
8 February 2024

DT in Hedgehogs - Pavilions

Please take a look at our AMAZING pavilions that we have planned and constructed during our DT lessons this half term.


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Image of Maths in Hedgehogs
8 February 2024

Maths in Hedgehogs

This week in our maths lessons we have started a new unit about graphs. We have focused on drawing the graphs with a pencil and a ruler and making sure that they are plotted in the correct place. We have also been practicing reading the graphs to retrieve information.



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Image of Writing in Hedgehogs
5 February 2024

Writing in Hedgehogs

This week during our writing lessons we have been identifying some key features of a journal entry and then we have been planning our own journal entries to retell the story of Our Tower. We have used Showbie to create our plans and we have created a word bank as a class to help us with our…

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Image of Geography in Hedgehogs
30 January 2024

Geography in Hedgehogs

In geography we have been learning about the river Rhine. We know that the source is in the Alps and that the mouth is in Rotterdam. This lesson, we focused on Rotterdam. We now know what a port is used for and can use the terms 'importing' and 'exporting' correctly. We have also compared some…

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Image of French in Hedgehogs
26 January 2024

French in Hedgehogs

This week in French we have been naming pencil case objects and recognising if they are masculine or feminine.

The objects:

  • a pencil - un crayon
  • a pencil sharpener - un taille - crayon
  • a pen - un stylo
  • an exercise book - un cahier
  • a ruler - une regle
  • a rubber - une gomme
  • a…
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Image of PSHE in Hedgehogs
24 January 2024

PSHE in Hedgehogs

During our PSHE lesson this week, we have been discussing how we might feel in different scenarios when a hope or dream may not come true. We shared some lovely ideas and demonstrated showing resilience. 


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