Image of Geography in Hedgehogs
24 November 2023

Geography in Hedgehogs

This week in Geography we have been beginning to understand how the oceans can impact a place's climate. In particular, we have discussed how the Gulf Stream impacts our climate in Britain. 


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Image of PSHE in Hedgehogs
21 November 2023

PSHE in Hedgehogs

In PSHE this week we have been having discussions about friendships and appropriate behaviour. We have been thinking about how we might respond in different situations and how we should be mindful of how others might be feeling. 

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Image of History in Hedgehogs
15 November 2023

History in Hedgehogs

This week we have been continuing to learn about Philip of Macedon. Today we have listened to the story about the oracle at Delphi and how Philip was able to create the League of Corinth by uniting the Greek city-states. 

We were left on a cliff hanger at the end of the lesson and we are all…

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Image of RE in Hedgehogs
10 November 2023

RE in Hedgehogs

In RE, we finished our topic of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus. The last lesson focussed on how Jews celebrate the stories, that the children have learnt about. This is during Passover once a year. The children learnt that each piece of food is symbolic and that they represented something linked to…

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Image of Basketball in Team Hedgehogs
9 November 2023

Basketball in Team Hedgehogs

During our first basketball lesson, the children practised dribbling the ball using their primary and secondary hands. They used their fingers to help control the ball and practised using the right amount of force to dribble the ball whilst moving.

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Image of Stembotics fun in Year 4!
6 November 2023

Stembotics fun in Year 4!

Year 4 (Hedgehogs) had Hyett Education’s Stembotics workshop in for the day. We had a great time building and programming the Lego robots. We even impressed the workshop leader so much with our teamwork, that we were able to choose our own project for the afternoon session.

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