Image of PSHE in Hedgehogs
24 January 2024

PSHE in Hedgehogs

During our PSHE lesson this week, we have been discussing how we might feel in different scenarios when a hope or dream may not come true. We shared some lovely ideas and demonstrated showing resilience. 


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Image of History in Hedgehogs
16 January 2024

History in Hedgehogs

This week in History we have been continuing with our topic of the Roman Republic and, in particular, learning about why Rome became a Republic. Romulus was the first king of Rome and after he had died Rome continued to grow stronger with each new king. We know that Rome had 7 Kings. Tarquin the…

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Image of RE in Hedgehogs
11 January 2024

RE in Hedgehogs

This week in RE we have started a new topic which builds on our previous knowledge of Judaism. We have looked closely at what happened to the Israelites after they escaped Egypt. 


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Image of PE in Hedgehogs
11 January 2024

PE in Hedgehogs

This week in PE we have been working on performing a shoulder stand safely. We worked in groups to support each other to learn this new skills.


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Image of Science in Hedgehogs
18 December 2023

Science in Hedgehogs

This half term in science we have been learning about electricity and circuits. Today we have created an advice poster about being safe around electricity in the home.

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Image of Representing Streethay in Archery
15 December 2023

Representing Streethay in Archery

Some children from KS2 had the opportunity to attend an archery competition at Erasmus Darwin Academy where we were competing against other schools. Miss Haycox and Miss Badger were extremely proud of the children for demonstrating Streethay traits and values in how they approached the activity…

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Image of Music in Hedgehogs
13 December 2023

Music in Hedgehogs


In music we have been practicing something very special and festive that we are looking forward to sharing with you all next week.

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Image of Art in Hedgehogs
12 December 2023

Art in Hedgehogs

In art we have been exploring the work of William Morris who was an artist and designer in Victorian times. He believed that household items like furniture and textiles should be artworks, so that everyone could enjoy arts and crafts. We have also looked at what inspired William Morris' designs.…

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Image of Maths in Hedgehogs
8 December 2023

Maths in Hedgehogs

In maths we have been tackling some tricky word problems linking to our times tables and division. Some of us then had a go at writing some questions of our own!

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Image of Birmingham Botanical Gardens
6 December 2023

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

We had the pleasure of visiting Birmingham Botanical Gardens which links to our geography topic of Climate and Biomes. The children had the opportunity to explore the unique Glasshouses and experience an authentic rainforest adventure! The children experienced the humidity and smells of…

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Image of French in Hedgehogs
1 December 2023

French in Hedgehogs


This week we have been continuing to count in French. We can now count up to 20!


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Image of English in Hedgehogs
27 November 2023

English in Hedgehogs

In English today we have been continuing with our topic of Greek Myths. We have been using our knowledge of The Odyssey and using our inference skills to try to understand what this picture is telling us about the adventures of Odysseus. Firstly, we worked as a table group and then we worked in…

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